My Baby Ceramic Coating

Want to keep your car’s finish shiny and protected without having to wax it every month?  A ceramic coating is for you.  Ceramic Coatings bond to the outer clear coat layer of a car’s paint and provide a long-lasting protective barrier that can last for years.  Ceramic coatings also enhance the shine and gloss of painted surfaces and help to shed dirt and grime making washes quicker and easier.  As a Certified GYEON Detailing Studio we are authorized to apply GYEON ceramic coatings with their exclusive Infinite Guarantee.

Service includes:

  • Hand Wash
  • All painted surfaces decontaminated with Iron Remover
  • All painted surfaces decontaminated with Clay Bar
  • GYEON Ceramic Coating applied to all painted surfaces (does not include inside of truck beds)
    (Does not include paint correction.)

Price: starting at $799 for most small and mid-size cars (additional charge for larger vehicles)