My Baby Ceramic Coating

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coatings create a microscopic bond between your clearcoat and the chemicals inside the coating. This offers unrivaled slickness and shine on your vehicles paint, lasting significantly longer than wax. Ceramic Coats also protect your vehicles paint from UV Rays, road hazards like environmental debris, acidic bird droppings and bug guts.  Ceramic Coatings also offer a hydrophobic, self-cleaning surface that helps keep your vehicle cleaner, longer.

What can I Ceramic Coat?

Almost Anything!  We offer ceramic coatings that protect your leather, your trim, your paint, your wheels, your fabric, and your glass!  We even offer ceramic coatings for boats!  At My Baby Detailing, we are GYEON Certified Installers, which gives us access to GYEON’s exclusive lifetime guarantee ceramic coatings.  Our technicians have also completed DetailWise and Chicago Auto Pros Ceramic Coating Installation classes, so rest assured your car is with the best of the best.

Should I Ceramic Coat my Car?

At My Baby Detailing, we are big believers in the products we provide to you and are proud to say our technicians confidently use these products on their own vehicles and stand by them 100 percent.  But that doesn’t mean a ceramic coat is for you.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

How Much Does a Ceramic Coat Cost?

We have several different options available to you for ceramic coatings, and they each have different lifespans and costs.  Our introductory level coatings start at just $499.  Call us with an inquiry today!