My Baby Engine Detail

The first order of business when pulling into a car show or cruise-in is popping the hood and displaying the powertrain.  An immaculate engine bay sets Car Show Winners apart from also-rans.  It’s not enough to have shiny paint and bright chrome if the engine is dingy under the hood.  A spotless engine compartment demonstrates that you take car care seriously and that you truly value your baby.  A Full Detail is not complete without an Engine Detail.

Service includes:

  • Vacuum debris from engine compartment and vent intakes
  • Cover electrical components and wash engine and surrounding area
  • Degrease components that are visible from under the hood
  • Steam Clean hood insulation
  • Clean painted areas on underside of hood
  • Shine chrome, painted, or anodized engine components or accessories
  • Apply heat-resistant dressing to plastic and rubber components.

Price: $195 for most vehicles

1971 Datsun 240z engine bay