My Baby Exterior Detail

When you want your car to turn heads, our full Exterior Detail is for you.  All outside surfaces of your vehicle are cleaned, shined, and protected.  After your vehicle is thoroughly washed, microscopic contaminants are removed to achieve a smooth surface in preparation for a hand applied paste wax.  The wax is then buffed by hand to produce a great shine and a slick feel.  Tire sidewalls are dressed to produce a rich black luster ensuring that your vehicle looks good all the way down to the pavement.

Service includes:

  • Power Wash with Foaming Detergent
  • Undercarriage Power Wash and Rinse
  • Two-bucket hand wash
  • Wheel faces cleaned
  • Power rinse
  • Surface Decontamination with Iron Remover
  • Clay Bar all painted surfaces to remove impurities
  • Towel dry
  • Blow dry crevices
  • Clean exterior of windows and mirrors
  • Hand apply Carnuba Paste Wax to enhance shine and protect surfaces
  • Dress Tire sidewalls (not on motorcycles).

Price: $195 for motorcycles.  $279 for most small and mid-size cars (additional charge for larger vehicles)

My Baby Exterior Detail Service