My Baby Paint Correction

It happens; the paint on your car gets scratches, swirl marks, spiderwebbing, and other defects.  Drive-through car washes, with their whirling mechanical brushes, are one of the worst culprits for damaging paint but improper maintenance and harsh weather conditions can also hurt delicate painted surfaces leaving behind a dull finish with lots of blemishes.  Even brand new cars have “orange peel” texture in their clear coat paint (this is done intentionally by automakers to mask flaws in painted finishes).  Paint Correction services can repair damaged paint, eliminate most swirl marks, and reduce orange peel with careful polishing processes.  For the ultimate shine and deep gloss, a thorough paint correction can be followed by a Ceramic Coating which not only enhances gloss but provides vital protection to the newly corrected paint.

Service includes:

  • Wet-sand as necessary to remove scratches and large defects
  • Use compound to remove swirls, small scratches, and other defects
  • Polish to remove remaining light swirls or scratches and add clarity and depth to paint

Price: Varies; contact us for a free estimate