My Baby Ceramic Glass Treatment

Next to the paint, glass comprises a greater portion of your car’s exterior than any other material.  It’s no wonder then that clean clear glass is so important in making a car look its best.  Clean windows also ensure optimum visibility for a safe driving experience.  In much the same way that a ceramic coating protects the paint of a vehicle, a Ceramic Glass Coating protects the windshield or windows.  A Ceramic Glass Coating produces a slick finish that repels water and makes washing easier and faster.  Treated windshields often allow wiper-less highway driving as rain blows off the windshield at high speed rather than needing to be wiped away.  At lower speeds, a treated windshield makes wipers more effective as the coating reduces streaking and wiper chatter.

Service includes:

  • Clean glass surface
  • Polish glass
  • Apply Gtechniq Clear Vision Smart Glass Ceramic Coating

Price: $95 for windshield, rear window, or pair of side windows