My Baby Scuff Removal

Just the slightest glance; that’s all it takes to scuff the paint on your vehicle.  Parking barriers, garage gremlins, mall shoppers and other miscreants all too often “nudge” your car leaving behind a nasty looking scrape or scuff.  Sometimes the culprit leaves behind paint transferred from the offending object adding an unwelcomed colorful reminder to the scar.  Fortunately, such scuffs can frequently be eliminated or greatly minimized without a trip to the body shop or collision center.  Using special compounds and polishing techniques, our technicians can remove paint transfer and blend damaged paint to get your car looking sharp again.

Service includes:

  • Wet-sand as necessary to remove scratches and transferred paint
  • Use compound to refine surface
  • Polish to restore shine
  • Hand-apply Carnuba paste wax for protection.

Price: Varies; contact us for a free estimate