My Baby Hand Wash

Washing is the core of vehicle maintenance.  Get this wrong and everything that follows will fall short.  A proper hand wash is vastly superior to any drive-through car wash tunnel.  Unlike drive-through car washes, our Hand Wash gently removes dirt and road grime from every inch of your vehicle without beating (scratching) your car with massive rotary brushes.  Our Hand Wash leaves your vehicle properly dried without water flying out of the mirrors and down the windows when you drive away.  If you value your vehicle, treat it to a proper Hand Wash and let the drive-through car washes scratch someone else’s car.

Service includes:

  • Power Wash with Foaming Detergent
  • Two-bucket hand wash all exterior surfaces and wheel faces
  • Power rinse
  • Towel dry
  • Blow dry crevices
  • Clean exterior of windows and mirrors

Price: $49 for most small and mid-size cars (additional charge for larger vehicles)

Towel Dry After Hand Wash